SmileySun001-2-25Positivity!!!……I woke up today minding a bit that I wasn’t where I was supposed to be. These last few days I was supposed to be up north in the cool pines. It was another getaway, and I enjoy getaways during the summer months! Things happen which often make us alter our plans because we must; and so I’m here. I was just thinking though this morning upon awakening that I should be waking up someplace else, where I’m not. So my remedy for this slight disappointment is to focus on the positive things which I can draw from my days here instead!


I saw a movie I might not have seen. I got to have lunch with a friend whom I hadn’t seen in a while. I had a nice phone conversation catching up and sharing some plans with another friend, whom I’ve wanted to collaborate with for some time now; all which might not have been possible were I spending my night last night with friends up north. I’ve enjoyed milder temps here in the Valley, enjoying the less searing heat. I got to appreciate the moon from the familiar vantage point of my own place. It all worked out perhaps as it was meant to . . and I surely am endeavoring to make the best of my days even if they’re not going as first planned! Sometime within the next few weeks is more than enough time to go again.


I’m learning that the secret to any situation is to find within it everything for which there is to be grateful! When you choose to see the blessings, even in what seems errant or unwelcome, you provide for yourself an ability to see beyond the disappointments, the inconveniences, the dramas and even the painful realities. This for me surely qualified as just a disappointment, but in looking for the positives in the slight letdown, I am able to turn my eyes towards the proverbial constant sunshine with rosy sunglasses on!