My Hope

My sincere hope in this, the next stage of life, is to open fully the floodgates, finding what God really intended for me to find, to understand my fullest measure of humanity, to grow and become the best version of me which is possible.  I’ve a lot of room to grow, it’s certain!  I’ve already been almost every woman I could be . . . the uncertain, insecure girl; the one in an unhappy stage; the woman secure and confident, awakened to her internal  beauty; the one who hears the compliments for the external, whilst craving the internal satisfaction.  I suppose each of us is on a journey of discovery, that which sometimes breaks us, shakes us and takes us forward on an unchartered course, but always I know God is my co-pilot!  (Oh, and I’ve even tried my hand at being the pilot woman! That’s an adventure tale saved for a rainy day ahead though.)


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