I don’t think we can endeavor to be walking by faith too much these days! The world itself is our constant and daily reminder. This world is of sin, this is the fallen world. This world itself cannot offer us of peace of mind, contentment in our soul or rest for our spirit. This world has its true beauty and its genuine sources of joy, even moments of peaceful surrender; but this world cannot offer us aInspirational-Bible-Verses-About-Faithny lasting measure of inner bliss unless we create it there within for ourselves. We have to learn the art of walking by faith towards the unknown, in a state of purposeful peace regardless what happens around us or even to us, for the sake of our own contentment; so that we might dwell in bliss whenever possible.
Our bliss, our happiness and our peace are not to be made contingent upon the world’s condition or the state of things, or the circumstances in which we find ourselves. Our state of bliss cannot be found in the actions of others, what they’ll do or say, or in the way we’re treated. Our state of bliss, like a necessary tether of faith to more than this world, ensures that we don’t allow ourselves – our very souls and spirits – to suffer too much in this world. When we have faith in our purpose for being, when we put faith in our knowledge of who we are as spirits in bodies with souls, living in a fallen world of sin, we then know to put faith in more than our emotions and our feelings regarding all that we are and all that we must endure!
Faith is a lifeline; it’s a tether by which we walk through the perilous and the pleasurable, in the storms and in the midst of the calm, whether we’re in battening-down mode or able to jump freely for joy. Faith is what will keep us at peace, mindful of our contentedness, ever resting in some measure of gratitude-based joy from within! Nothing of this world can be the fomenter of our true peace, contentment and joy; therefore we must be the purposeful and practiced creators of our own peace, contentment and joyFaithShoes all from within! And faith is the key.
Tethering with faith to a Greater source of life’s affirming worth by accepting  our role in it and by assuring our infinite value for our journeys is the key! This world is fallen, but faith reminds us that there is much more than this! Walk in faith, in each and every step.