explore-clipart-50Today I’m exploring! For me, that means equal doses of faith, curiosity, wonder, happiness, contentment and peace. It’s all a most-glorious cake, topped off with a sweet and delicious helping of gratitude! For without my awareness and sense of gratitude for each measure of those components mentioned in the mix above, I would never experience any joy at all!


God gave me a world of wonders filled with mystery in which to discover all that surrounds me. I believe He did it in hope that I would discover not only all the treasures He laid out for me, but also myself.  ICreator-25 believe especially so that I would seek Him and find Him in it all! If we don’t practice living first in quiet contemplation, in discovery, and especially in gratitude – with a heart intent on such pursuits and such ends, we have a much harder time finding ourselves and finding Him! Make today a great day of possibility, but also make it a day in which you set about to discover something about yourself and God! Even in a flower, or a child’s smile, a bird’s flight or a mountain majestically-etched to great heights of strength and endurance over many millenniums . . . or there within yourself as you go about your day, you will find Him!