Conquering Our Challenges

Some of our trials can honestly seem less like a hill & more like a major peak which we must scale. If you find yourself on one of those, midway up & wondering how to finish, I suggest you take a moment to hunker down & find your own steel inside. Renew your commitment to finishing what you started & make a decision that you are going to get over this one day. That there is no turning back. That going in reverse & failing by falling is not an option!! Often we simply do not realize how much tenacity, strength, courage & will we actually have within us until that very day we are midway up on that high peak, wearily wondering what we’re doing in such a predicament, looking upward at how much further we have to go!

 Our problems rarely go away, our dilemmas rarely ease up on us, we just learn how to conquer our challenges by facing them head-on, standing up again & finding our way to the place where the difficulty is then behind us – the top of the peak! Conquer your biggest fears, doubts, worries & concerns by believing first that you can!