Wherever love is, I want to be, I will follow it as surely as the land-locked salmon finds the sea. 


Love isn’t meant to tear us apart or leave us in pieces, it’s meant to shape us as we are into something even more for the sake of loving. We are shaping & forming lives based on how we love & whom we love, we are changing our own life as well as those of others. We are the artisans of love, not only in the way we make love, but also in the way we make our love something of value to others. In how our love changes their lives – hopefully for only the better! If you aren’t able to love yourself completely, your ability to love others is impaired, for you must first know the love within to understand how to share it externally. You are helping to create the world based on how well you know love, don’t you think that deserves your best? If not for love’s sake, then what? Your ability to share the internal light of your being with others is the most important aspect of your humanity, consider it the worthiest of your endeavors accordingly. Learn to love so that it is evident to others that you are love!