A Big Tug Of War  

Sometimes the world seems like a big tug of war . . this one pulls, that one pulls harder back. If we all just committed to doing, being & giving our best, I believe the tug of war would inherently lessen!
If there were no perceived injustices, because we knew that we all were doing, being & giving our best to one another, then there would be no need to seek retribution or justice. We would just be able to relate to one another’s mistakes or inabilities because we were giving them the benefit of the doubt for just having done the best they could!

If we related to one another with humility, with empathy, compassion & a desire to treat others as we wished to be treated ourselves, ego & selfishness would take a backseat to the desire to be humane, unselfish, respectful, compassionate & polite. We need to be civil in the world to share it . . to show our humanity by individual acts which reflect that to others. First, it is up to each of us to mirror how we wish to be treated, for how can we expect in others what we haven’t nurtured in ourselves? Have a great new day!