Lead by example, take the higher road & leave the fray

A snappish response would be name calling, yelling, or taking the opportunity to demean someone. The better response would be to learn that emotions, being right & having to maintain pride aren’t as important as your own development, your own maturity, your own appraisal & your own humility. That’s life sometimes, we can know we are right, but rightness isn’t as important in the long run as our own righteousness. Sometimes it isn’t so necessary that in being right we make sure others feel so wrong! Opinions, thoughts & ways will always vary from one of us to another, what is wrong to one of us, may just be right to another. All we can do is our best to express the real, honest & genuine self which we wish to share with the world, but realize others are doing the same!

For the sake of the world, it is only when we all start to accept the different thoughts & our individial right to believe each as we do that we will have civility in this world. Surely we see intolerance & bullying in the world is not the way to coexist! Those of us who believe that another way of tolerance is better, should always stand for that by our own example & through how we respectively treat others even when they disagree with us! I refuse to become anything less than I am when confronted by intolerance, bullying, or outright ignorance! Lead by example, take the higher road & leave the fray to those who are battle ready & armed. Stand up for what you believe, but never resort to losing your integrity by using bad character traits in the process!