Pay Attention

The holes in the human heart are there not only to remind us of what we lost, but what we once had. Although holes hurt & pain us for so long, that pain is what reminds us of what we lost! If we aren’t able to recognize the strength & fullness of our heart prior to suffering whenever a hole is formed & we endure a loss, we’re forced to see a blessing only after it is gone. Pay attention to the fullness of your heart while it is strong & beating, filled with love & the blessings of those whom you love, for when it is healing & torn, it must work so hard to remind you of how it all initially felt! Savor the times you have when you have them, practice dwelling in the moments of love, contentment & joy, for those memories you are now making are what will keep your heart going when it is once again weakened. Appreciate what you have while you still have it, there is love all around you after all!!