If you haven’t realized it lately, you don’t have to have a reason to celebrate being you, you just have to be you, you don’t need to do anything nor be anything but just be you!  Too many times, we convince ourselves that we must accomplish things to applaud ourselves, to acknowledge our worth, or to give ourselves accolades.  We needn’t, we don’t have to have any reason.  Just being is reason enough . . . that’s what is called, shining for no reason!
When was the last time that you just realized how fabulous you were, without having a reason?  When was the last time you looked in the mirror, noticing something beautiful, attractive, well-formed, or special about yourself?  When did you last compliment yourself for something you did well?  When was the most recent time you felt really special in your own skin?  If these aren’t registering on any memory scale, and seem unlikely reminders for any recent behavior, then you need to re-examine your own self-nurturing.  You are not giving yourself enough praise.  Why is it so natural for most of us to give these kind of comments and compliments to others, including our close friends and family, our loved ones, but for ourselves, we are unable to think so highly?  If you aren’t able to see the God-given near-perfection of the person who looks back at you every time you look in a mirror, then you aren’t going to be able to hear the compliments of others, nor to feel the level of self-appreciation necessary to have a complete, happy, fulfilled life.  Loving yourself means that you see your own beauty, appreciate your own unique qualities, and cherish the “house” which contains the spirit and soul of your life.  

Does loving yourself and appreciating your inner and outer qualities mean that you are vain?  Sometimes, yes.  But there is a healthy level of self-love which most of us should have, that we often deny because we think it is selfish to be able to see our own good qualities and traits.  Nurturing ourselves requires that we learn to respect our entire person, body, mind and spirit.  It also means that we can have moments of appreciation, far from selfishness or narcissism, when we see the beauty of our own creation.  We are afterall, one-of-a-kind works of art, designed and formed by God in His own image.  
Too many people suffer from low esteem, poor self-images and lagging self-worth instead of narcissism and inflated senses of self.  In this present-day world, we are beaten down, battered and savaged by the media, the public, degraded by the onslaught of what we presume we should be in our competitive world, we lose our sense of self.  So, in lieu of having a crew of cheerleaders and enthusiastic fans on our beckon call, we must learn to prop ourselves up when life takes us down.  That is why I propose that you always include in your daily routine, a generous helping of self-love. 

What does this entail?  It just means, that each and every day, you should remember to celebrate your own wonderful and unique qualities, cease putting yourself down, give your thanks to God for whatever compliments your receive, as all that you are, you’ve gotten from Him, and never hesitate to be your own best supporter and promoter!  If you don’t love yourself, support your own life and your endeavors, and see yourself as a valuable human being, then you will never be able to give love to others, support others in life with their endeavors, and value other human beings appropriately.  To love yourself, is to know that you are a beautiful child of God!  Repeat after me . . . I love myself, and I am a beautiful child of God!