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You needn’t wait upon a sea of blessings to consider yourself blessed!  You are blessed and should feel thankful even if there is just one thing today, right now, that you can consider a blessing.  Although, I would dare you to muse further and realize the others!

Look at your life, did you wake up anew today?  Then you are blessed.  Did you share a greeting, exchange some words of love, compassion, or warmth with another living soul?  Then you are blessed.  Did you witness something in nature which made you smile, which warmed your spirit, or which possibly reminded you of the awesome power of a universe so much greater than your own?  Then you are blessed.  Did you eat breakfast?  Did you find food and something to take in to enrich your body this morning?  Then you are blessed.  Did you have clothing to put on your body and shoes for your feet?  Then you are blessed.  I could go on and on . . but I think you get the message.  Most of us are quite blessed, even much more than just once a day!  How many of us really see all the ways which we are blessed and are thankful for those many blessings? 

Life’s greatest joy is in learning to appreciate all the richness of blessings we receive, including love; experiencing beauty; knowing joy, feeling wellness of body, mind and spirit; learning things; having relationships with others; tasting the fruits of the earth’s bounty; and living full, productive lives, not to mention God and the Holy Spirit.  Being thankful is the key to realizing how rich you are in life.  Most of us have so many reasons to celebrate life each day if we just choose to become focused on blessings, to see them, to know them in our lives.  Don’t miss the chance to alter your life by experiencing gratitude each day.  There are always things to be grateful for, in and about!  You are blessed, never waiver a day feeling ungrateful and without blessings.  If you take a magnifying lens to your life, you will notice in great detail, the many ways in which you were blessed today!