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Life Is Like A Classroom

Life is like a classroom, our daily tests – those things which happen to us by choice & by randomness. Each day we wake begins the day of testing, much like in school, we just have a much bigger & more expansive classroom & arena for learning. Some things on our tests we’re prepared for, we know what to do. Other things are just “out of the blue” & leave us guessing for ways to respond so that we can do our best to make it through the test. We don’t like to view life like a vast classroom, somehow we assume the end of school days means the end of this whole process of our learning & then having to prove we know what we’ve learned, but it is surely our task to pick up where we leave off as adolescents & continue the process right up until the day we pass.

It never stops, so we cannot stop either . . we must continue to learn, to grow, to seek knowledge, to make better choices, to avail ourselves of all the benefits of life lessons so that we make for ourselves a better life. When viewed thusly, we realize our goal is to pass each lesson, to learn & to grow. When we look to the lessons as necessary teachers enabling us to learn sufficiently to advance us to some higher level of wisdom, knowledge & understanding, then they become positive parts of our daily experiences, we advance with each one learned instead of remaining where we are!