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Dry Spells

Dry spells, we all have them.  Our creative energies fizzle, our ideas die on the vine, producing no fruit.  We are at a loss for words, we cannot come up with thoughts worthy of expressing and we seem at some miserable place of low creative juices.  Simply put, we haven’t a desire to share our spirit!  It’s not feeling that sociable!  I have been stuck in such a period for about six months now, unable and really unwilling to share a thought, an idea, longer or more productive than a sentence, for fear of exposing my situation.  I was going through something emotionally draining, quite stressful and not all that inspiring!  I didn’t feel like being motivational, nor inspirational, and I would have considered it disingenuous to have been considering myself at a thoughtful place when in fact I was not!  Life is like that, we all go through it, and we are not always able to escape emotional impacts from storms we must weather.  

A good thing to note, the storm will pass, whether on our time or not, it always will eventually leave us again, and then we are free to feel inspired by life, seeking a way to share a bounty of hopeful and purposeful thoughts from our once-again inspired spirits!  During this time, I tried at high periods to write my thoughts down.  I would begin what I thought was a decent discourse from my heart, only to realize somewhere before too long that I was in fact lost in the issues which were pressing upon my heart.  We cannot fool our hearts, our souls, our spirits!  They are the core of our beings, and reflect who we are most aptly and most often.  We are able, like good performers, to wear disguises and hide our true natures, but when a problem presses down our souls with unimaginable weight, we cannot deceive ourselves of the burden!

I suggest letting the writing of your thoughts go, until you can be sure it is from a place of wholeness, wellness and happy contentedness!  Then it means something!   I am happy to be feeling somewhat expressive of late, although I still have to rally myself to be disciplined enough to write.  Some people exude thoughts and write them down as though they are very prolific, but then again, maybe at this time, nothing is pressing down upon them either!  Let your spirit have its space in life, don’t push yourself to be or to do what you cannot be or do!  Be yourself by doing what you want to do!!  Be real and be truthful, live defiantly as the best you you can be!  When and if you hit a dry patch of creative ideas, give yourself permission to rest in that time until the ideas flow once again!  And they shall, it’s inevitable! Go with the flow!