AttitudeEverything-25It’s All In The Attitude

Do you find yourself envying someone their attitude or their mood?  Maybe they are always having a great day, happily enjoying life seemingly all the time!  How can this be?  Surely they have bad days too?  Perhaps the difference between your day and theirs isn’t in the actual events of the day, but rather how they view the events of their day.  Maybe, just maybe, their day is so great, they are so happy, because they choose to view their day as positive, happy, and filled with blessings!

Maybe absolutely nothing bad happened to you today, fortunately.  You had good health, you felt well, you experienced favor in your movements and you felt blessed.  Is that a guarantee that you will label your day as overall a success?  Will you automatically decide upon this set of conditions that your day is a happy one?  I hope so, but the real mark of a truly happy and contented person is when you can find your joy, your sense of contentment and your happiness even on days when things do happen to you. Perhaps it isn’t up to our circumstances to determine and decide whether we had a happy day, but rather, it is up to each of us, whether we have an ability to be happy in spite of our circumstances.

Some people are always happy, even though by most people’s standards, they should be miserable and unhappy according to their circumstances, spreading their misery like the flu!  Others are naturally negative, they ooze their stress, their pain, their discomfort, it spreads like something vile, like germs!  What distinguishes this phenomenal difference in attitude?  It’s merely a choice.  That is all it is.  Nothing needs to be decided other than,BeSoHappy01-50 someone choosing to be a positive affirming voice, speaking with hope, a healthy attitude, in a positive way.  Isn’t it nice when we encounter these people?  They are radiant bursts of sunlight, positive energy in a world marred by negativity and gloom.  We pay attention to them, for they stand out.

We usually feel drawn to them, like moths to the flame, for their radiance is a warming source of comfort.  Aren’t we encouraged to hear all about their lives, not because they are so different in scope, nor in actual events, but because these people can make the most mundane and ordinary days sound like something more special!  It’s a joy to be near these people, they illuminate the darkest corners of life, by just exuding light and love.  Be a source of positive energy in a dimly-lit world … shine and shine brightly, for you never know who is using your glow to lead them through their dark realms!