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Angel On My Shoulder

I am aware that there are angels amongst us . . . those of divine form, and those of human flesh, performing their functions sometimes unaware of their role in influencing our lives.  They are also angels, those without wings, those who live amongst us and take human form, able to show up and be there just when they are needed.  Accidental you ask?  No, I think not.  I am sure of God’s grace in this as well.  For when we but only take notice, there are many instances of prophetic intervention, when those we love, those we know, and those we have never met before somehow intervene on our behalf, thus making our lives’ journeys take new shape, venture onto new pathways, or veer onto the correct course after all.

Angels are all around us really, those from Heaven and those whose origin was born in heaven . . earthly angels.  Have you ever felt that someone came into your day to alter the course of it in some dramatic or profound way?  Have you ever met up with someone in some momentary situation, which in fact made such an impact upon you, that it caused you to alter your direction or amend your behavior?  Have you ever felt placed prophetically or purposefully in a way that your role was obviously designed to be shaped or formed just to be influential to another person’s life?  Or perhaps their’s in your’s?  In other words, have you felt destined, or designed to be somewhere at a particular time whereby your presence made an impact upon another person, seemingly like a miracle, or providence, or at least life-altering?  Or maybe that has been the case for you with another person in your life, they’ve walked through your day, a relative stranger even, who altered your circumstances just by you taking notice of them and their contributions.

It is often what I’ve noticed and label the hand of God at work.  I truly believe He graces us with benevolent interactions with others which can and do impact our lives, if we choose to witness those events.  Sometimes it is merely the idea of seeing the action before us to know that God is helping us through another human’s involvement in our life.    <span>How and why does God interweave our actions this way, even with perfect strangers?  Well, I suppose it is usually to teach us something profound.  I have found incredible people to bond with in life, even over mere fractions of time, just by speaking in a few moments over a joint purposeful activity in common.  Meeting in a doctor’s lobby, a grocery clerk who has a similar experience, being drawn to someone who turns out to know a good friend, finding out that your family will help you out of a bad situation, someone who finds something precious you lost.

Angels are people we know and love, as well as complete strangers who just happen to find their way into our day-to-day lives for a reason.  We might not even understand the reason when we meet or have our connection with someone, but eventually, a shaping and change because of the connection does occur.  It’s inevitable!  I remember the woman I spoke of in this blog a few days ago . . I met her in the waiting room while doing some scary health-related tests.  She was familiar with what I was feeling, but in her being there to share the space with me, she was a calming and comforting witness to not fearing the unknown, even though she knew it well.  I will never forget her, even though I have no idea who she is . . she just showed up that day to change that moment of the day!  She was my earth angel in that situation.  I’ve probably had too many to count in my lifetime, those I would recognize as the special people God enlists to help me in little or big ways.  It might be a compliment given at just the right time, a friend coming around to visit when necessary, family supporting a decision which was difficult to make . . it could be anything really.  The common thing I notice is the feeling I get, the sense of purposeful interaction, as though I must notice, I’m called to witness the blessing.

Perhaps the event lasts a minute fraction of time, but in that moment, I am given the chance to evolve into a better version of me.  It’s God’s purposeful growth formula, earth-angel supplements!  He gives them out freely and it is merely up to us to take notice of them!