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I believe that part of the problem of our society today is that we don’t either believe we have to grow up, or we have doubts about the promises in which we have put our trust and faith. Do we believe what we say we do? Or do we spend too much time musing or too much energy fretting on the things we see happening around us here in this world? God is not faltering. He never fails us. Why do we persist in doing things for ourselves because we start to doubt Him? And why do we doubt Him just because things aren’t happening in the time frame or in the way we think they should?


Rest, be at peace, remain content and joyful . . in spite of the world around you. For IF you believe, why would you be anything but trusting, faithful and peacefully content, resting in Him?! If we say we believe, do we then hold ourselves accountable for actually believing in Him more than the things of this world, ourselves, our own abilities or those of people around us? We either decide to grow up spiritually, letting God be God in our lives totally; or we live a life fraught with unease, worry, doubts and disappointments of our own making because we refuse to do what it takes to grow up spiritually!


It is not an easy journey, for in growing up spiritually, we will have to let go of things which probably have served us and mean something to us. But the trade-off in our emotional control, as well as our sense of inner peace and joy, is worth all the effort and obedience such a choice requires! Not to mention the great joy we have in our obedient pursuit of growing nearer and falling more in love with the Lord! He’s not asking us to do anything to earn His love; but by our desire to show Him our love, we pursue a life devoted to Him. We can allow many precious days of our lives to be ruined by our own emotional storms, small and great. Do not spend too much time flitting between this world’s travails or in choosing to trust in the Father to take care of you. It is hard to live with one foot here and one foot firmly rooted with faith in Him. Take the leap of faith, fully plant your life totally in His loving care! You will be able to have more days of rest, contentment, peace and joy for the sake of having made that choice today!    Signature02