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This journey called life is not meant to be an aimless meander; but rather a purposeful, forward trek for the sake of fulfilling God’s will for us and completing His plans. In it all and through it all, a greater puzzle is being pieced together around us and with us, whether or not we ever know how much of it is finished or what the end result of all of that will be. The ultimate puzzle of this life and this world’s lifetime is being pieced together, regardless our choice to realize our role or its conclusion.


So better our decision to be active participants in the process, anticipating the puzzle’s completion!  And knowing that is happening, is better than being an unwitting rambler; reacting to things which happen around us and to us, with no consideration of this most precious matter of time lapsing towards some distinct finality. Do we know the number of our days? Do we understand the meaning of those days? Or do we waste so many, not willing to accept their limited number or our role in the puzzle being pieced around us? One day, this will all cease to be. And our eternities will be decided in a moment.  


For us or with us, that is surely what we know of God’s plans for this world. There is an end coming, for this stage of life for us and for this life as this world knows it. In the Bible, there is a promise of the return of the Lord Jesus, which ties the ribbons of this whole package of creation together in a conclusive manner! So is meandering still meaningful? Or must we decide to finally grow up in Him and with Him as soon as we possibly can? Make time an imperative for the sake of your own soul and spirit! For His sense of time and ours are not equitable. We don’t know God’s plans, but we should know that our life is not a random accident of human conception on some compendium of time. We’re here for a purpose, that being to serve His will for not only us, but for the world as a whole! Value this life and your numbered days for what it means for your eternity;  it is all a constant, purposeful opportunity to learn, grow, change and develop  deeper spiritually into a lasting relationship with the Father!