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Whether today brings you happiness, sadness, health, illness, hurt, gladness, or any other emotion or event, rest in the joy that He is Risen! For when the ancient faithful met each other daily, they greeted one another with “He is risen!” and responded with, “He is risen indeed!” The hope and faith they had known was always in that promise, which helped to get them through each day; and not just on Easter Sunday, but for all the days of their lives. They might have been persecuted, they might have been mocked, they might have been overcome with sadness or grief, they might have just been living their lives going through everyday things as they always did. imagesGE9AEU65


Throughout the course of their lives, Christians of all days and ages have lived as everyone else; but with the joy internally of knowing personally their Redeemer! We might be overwhelmed by life or by what is happening to us, nearby us or in the world; but we know God’s promises to us, we have seen His promises come to fruition because He is faithful and loving. So in reminding themselves and other members of the flock of that promise, the ancient Christians lived with the joy, peace and contentment of their spirit and soul which overcomes all that this life brings! And so can we!   easter


So I remind you my faithful friends, He is risen . . today, April 7th! No matter what happens to you this day, rest in that. Find your hope and keep your faith securely in that very promise which has been fulfilled, and in all the other ways God shows us His love. For Jesus came so that we might know God’s love for us; He lived so that we might know His hopes for us in this life and His promise to keep us with Him eternally! John 3:16 . .  For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  Signature02