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On April Fool’s I look for things purposefully foolish; those things which aren’t real and haven’t any meaning but in the way they surprise me or make me laugh. Sadly, there are just too many things these days which I realize are far too enduringly foolish, foolhardy, vexing or problematic in life and of the world; enough things and situations I wish were just tricks or ruses meant for this day which persist with some longevity and purpose! some-beautfull-life-saying-quotes_Inspiration-Quotes-of-life-16


Wouldn’t it be nice to have this day be filled with nothing but just silliness, well-meaning pranks, loads of laughter and a lot of “Just kidding!” in the world?? Wouldn’t it be lovely to see the world so filled with joyousness and contentedness from within each heart, that a lot of manmade suffering would cease for the sake of wanting just to be actually “laughing out loud” instead? And were it the case that such joy and contentedness could prevail all over the world, I would personally want to declare each and every day, Fool’s Day! (Even for the pranks I might endure, in spite of the jokes which shock or surprise me!) bible-verses-4


I would delight in a world more intent on laughter and lightheartedness, rather than one inflamed by ongoing discord, hatred or anger! My prayer is that God so fill people with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,faithfulness, gentleness and self-control from within that it becomes almost impossible to find anyone so centered on themselves or their own course of opposition! (Galatians 5: 22-23) And that even with our individual suffering, we might know lasting peace and contentment within us, so as to have our steadfast joy be assured in life; our happiness not forever tied or tethered to the changing emotional tides, events or to circumstances beyond our control. And how I pray for us all to awaken to how very precious and treasured this life is, for our own sakes and for that of the world as a whole; may we know God’s enduring love for each of us, His faithfulness and promises to us are not passing jokes or whims. May we learn to rest in His peace, contentedly and with our joyful hearts expectant and faithful in Him!   Signature02