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Imagine how much joy we bring to God by taking pleasure in His world around us! Just imagine His joy when we stop to notice the smiling face of a stranger, or when we delight in petting a friendly cat or dog; imagine when we stop to smell those proverbial flowers in bloom and lay upon the cool grass, taking notice of the hue of the blue sky as well as the shapes of all the clouds passing through it!  



We don’t do enough each day by way of our thoughts, words, behaviors and actions to let our heart’s fullness of gratitude and immense love reflect back into the world towards our fellow man, other creatures, nature and especially, to God.  How busy we are in this world which gives us plenty of reasons to do anything but; how distracted we are from the simple pleasures and blessings. If only we thought about how much love and gratitude we offer to God when we take some time to notice all that He has given us, all that He has done for us, all the ways in which we are blessed and all the manner of life which He created just for our pleasure. If only we noticed how much He loves us! And if the love of God pours through us towards others, God must beam with fatherly pride for His children, with such loving hearts!   images04WXGQII



I get so much from those moments, that I’ve learned to savor them even more; but it gives me even more joy in knowing when I do that I am showing God a measure of gratitude and joy each and every time! Gratitude isn’t just shown in our words, our purposeful words of thanks; but our gratitude, joy and love is best reflected by our efforts to partake of those gifts which we’ve received and to share them with the world!      Signature02