It’s all part of wisdom’s process…

 ItsYourRoad-25We all have within us a sense of what is right & wrong, to us. It is those things which, when we cross our own boundary lines, acting or thinking or doing what we ourselves “know” is in conflict with what we inherently believe, cause us to feel we’ve compromised ourselves even if just a bit. We all know when enough is enough, or when we’re accepting something into our lives which isn’t in keeping with our own tenets of morality or sense of rightness. It’s only when we actually cross that line & go beyond the border that we ebb away pieces of our own shoreline. Like a pounding wave we didn’t necessarily perceive as destructive, it exposes our vulnerable parts of soul & spirit a bit to erosion & we lose a part of ourselves in the process each time it Longbeach2occurs. We can rebuild, but only when we stop making excuses for that we are doing or compromising our own integrity long enough to recognize that the fault belongs with our own foolhardy choices. That’s part of wisdom’s process . . we learn best by our mistakes because we are then forced to become better protectors of our own shoreline of self! If we don’t learn to protect our bodies & our core of being throughout this life, we are eroded like the shorelines blasted by numerous repetitive waves over time, nothing much will remain of what once made ourselves. Compromise seems like an innocuous matter when first pondering that inherent sense sparking within you, but when you choose to ignore it time & time again, acting or being or thinking in opposing ways to your own inherent set of values & beliefs, you will erode parts of yourself.