A classic to me, that movie, “You’ve Got Mail”.  I enjoy the interaction of the characters played by Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.  It’s romantic, simple and lovely.  Two people defy the odds of life, they fall in love despite themselves, with all their animus, they are “meant to be”.  Are two people really meant to be?

Well, I guess that depends who you ask.  If you ask a romantic, positive-thinking person such as myself, then the answer is an unequivocable YES!  People aren’t limited by love’s range, nor is there some magic boundary line whereby you must encircle the potential candidates whom meet geographical, sociological, ethnic, nor any other barrier-related condition.  In other words, love is free to wander the Earth looking for open willing hearts toLoveSculpture - Red seed with the most powerful and beautiful flowers known to gardens.  Love is immeasurable, infinite and uncontainable.  Don’t try to put it into some preconceived plot of land, call it impossible and nor refrain from letting it flow.  Love requires freedom to roam, open-minded faith in not only its possibility but also its probability and an effortless energy which allows love to spread like a wave upon the land.

Two people can not only love one another despite all odds . . those of distance, time, language, background, history, and communication ability, but they can thrive in the process, finding their differences are the jet engines which make love’s ties stronger and more intricately woven between them both.  Love is a miracle, it is capable of anything, to doubt that a person can live thousands of miles away, and still find genuine love with a person so unlikely is hard to fathom.  But you know, I know such a love, and I know to not doubt the sheer genius of love as it is designed to bend around corners, fly over mountain peaks, race through barriers and defy all odds of gravity!  Love is like water, if flows freely, without barrier, it will seep and drip, ooze and flow everywhere without being contained!  Love is a sea, there are moments of intense waves, even keel tides and ebbing calm . . . love is wondrous  like a vast, deep sea . . with some of the most amazing emotions, feelings and sensations all held within the human spirit.  Let the sea of love wash over you in this lifetime, don’t cower from the chance to be swept away!