Newswimmers50To learn how to swim, we must be willing to risk leaving the sanctity of the shallow waters & the safe havens. We must be willing to go where we’re not sure we can, to work for what we want & to risk everything sometimes to endeavor to achieve that end goal! Swimmers don’t stay in one place, they don’t cling to the railings, they don’t hover on the steps. They let go & move forward into the watery depths, trusting themselves to learn how to overcome any fears, to develop the necessary techniques & to grow in ability. With each practice session, the swimmer grows more accustomed to the depths & expanses in which their stroke will take them. They learn to trust in their own intuitive awareness of ability against conditions faced. Eventually, a swimmer can become so accustomed to being a part of a foreign environment of water & less oxygen, that they seemingly develop gills of proficiency! But that only happens when they first have the courage to let go of the railing, to propel from the wall & to venture out into the depths which challenge them! Life is never fully lived on the steps, clinging to the railing . . it’s comfortable there perhaps, but it won’t let you realize many dreams! Only when we endeavor, when we dare, when we let go of what is safe & when we pursue in earnest . . only then can we truly develop something new within us!