heavy-burden-25If someone is faltering in their steps, don’t watch them at a distance crumbling with the weight of their burdens. We are our brother’s & sister’s keepers. We are meant to find supernatural strength & fortitude not only for ourselves but especially for those we love & those whom are in our care. What is the world if we forget that first & foremost we are humans connected in & by our humanity? What will it mean to the world if we forget to nurture, love & value through our compassionate care those whom are nearest & within arms reach?? Do we want to become so self-involved as people that we allow our singularity in being to resonate as loneliness or isolation instead? Do we want to forget what is common & similar within all of us because we are so dead set on having what we ourselves want first & foremost?


I see so many selfish & soulless pursuits in life anymore, so many people trampled on during the daily parade of rats seeking the cheese. There was always more than enough cheese for us all, no need to become one of the rats by forgetting others are in the maze with you. People are slowly eroding & vacating any hope for their own prosperity as a species .  We are forgetting our humanity & what matters. We are so much more accepting & complacent about things which denigrate us all & which do nothing to encourage the betterment of mankind in general. It is like we’ve grown numb to all the outrage, we just don’t care as much anymore. If all of humanity loses too much of its intrinsic & God-given humanity, it evolves into a life form lower than any creature of which I am aware. Humanity only prospers one heart, one hand, one smile, one gesture of kindness & one unfettering, unfaltering willful step at a time!