Life is like a pianoOur lives are played out like the many keys on a piano, we make the music of our life- our score, by those keys. . we have highs & lows, sharps & flats, notes which move us to celebrate joyfully & those which remind us of something much less joyful. We move along the keyboard, finding a suitable range for the most part, up until we hit a note or several which take us out of our comfort zone.

We have to learn to be comfortable on the entire keyboard, for at any time, we might find experiences have brought us to a new range on their own. Through no fault of ours, we are then transported to a place with little familiarity, but we explore the range of notes there as we must endure our difficult emotions or experiences, up until we again are able to play the keys we are comfortable playing. Often at times we mistakenly hit a key, playing a sour note in our lives & so we just must learn to play that note again, in better form.

Our life is a composition, which like music, we must learn to not only experience through all the variations of notes, but to savor them all! In all the keys, all the variations in the range of emotions we must explore, we can learn to compose a spectacular life inherently ours alone! Don’t ever be afraid to play all the keys & to hit all the notes, you don’t have to limit your composition to only on one emotion or just a fleeting mood, you are truly able to vary the score of your life by just choosing to play keys which convey your happiness & well-being! Choose to play your life’s score with exhuberance no matter the many experiences, moods, notes & all the ranges in which you find yourself on any given day. That is how life will go & that is how your life’s score should go too!_Sign01