RedLoves - 50Love is a form of wisdom . . which often times, as in all aspects of life, we learn to “do better” as we age, or is it? It is so very natural to us when we’re younger, we just know how to be love when we were babies without knowing how, but at some age we probably cannot even remember if we tried, we start to cast a lot of our life’s baggage, neediness, messes, hurt & limitations in the mix, weighing love down & throttling its natural ability to be what it first was so easily to us.

We were just  love once. We didn’t need to study it, to measure it, to define it, to control it, to change ourselves, to change others, to suffer for it or manipulate it. We just loved instinctively, once. But aging, life & our wounds make it so heavy & downtrodden, so full of feelings, in that they alter our concept of it, even though love itself hasn’t changed. Some of us find ourselves seeking it from others when we forget or have never really loved ourselves. We desire being in love with that person who’ll verify in us something. We aren’t sure we can now assure it in ourselves. We look within a veritable sea of people for one person who’ll find our love to be worthy. Yet it doesn’t seem that  odd in a world where, just by virtue of the sheer numbers of people, just given all the necessity & the need we see for love & with all the inherent ability we had when born. That we strive so much & have to overcome so much just for us to give our love away “easily”?

What a vexation is this love! If only we could remember that we are love, we haven’t anything in us or anything that has befallen us which casts it out. We haven’t anything which stops us from love once we’re sure we have it within us. So why do we let fear, baggage, analytic nonsense, need & the like to stop the flow of love? Love isn’t a problem, we are! Our wisdom comes from learning how to be love again! We’ve assigned to that which once flowed so naturally within us, a heavier weight, a costlier price-tag & a messier consequence. We’ve dammed the very flow from within & we wonder why we thirst?! If we could only love ourselves enough to open the floodgates & again love naturally, wouldn’t we all be so welcoming the flood?! It’s the one flood in which we should all hope to drown!_Sign01