If you haven’t accepted yourself, totally, fully, completely . . which means that you are 100% in love with you, your flaws, failings, all the ways you routinely fall down & struggle to get back up, you’re going to struggle with knowing what it means to love others fully. This is one case where taking one to know one is necessary! The seed of love is planted within us all & when it’s allowed to nurture & grow unimpeded there, it then becomes a big daisy chain which spreads like a wild & rambunctious vine seeking to cover in love everything it clambers over, often ardently & without care. Love is like that & if it isn’t then it is being withheld, pruned & confounded into something it is not.

We are so worried about the other person sometimes, that we might just tend to forget the most important aspect when it comes to love, which is us! If we’re even remotely shamed, guilty, angry, hurt or in any regard incapable of self-love, we will not be openly able to give our love to others easily or at all even. Work on self-love, accepting yourself as the imperfect yet lovable creature that you are assures you that you will then know enough about love to be able to give enough love! Heal from all wounds, nurture yourself back to health & allow yourself time to be certain you’re in love with you again! Then when you go to be love for another, you will be able!