Perhaps what we perceive as ill-conceived or bad timing, is actually right on time. Maybe what seems inconvenient & decidedly not at all what should be or even a possibility, is really one of those great opportunities staring us in the face, making us look hard & long at what is holding us back or down. If we can see through fear, into an unknown which has availed itself to us via some chance, some door opening, then do we feed the fear or feel the fear & do it anyway? I only imagine the biggest regrets I might have at the end of my life will be those things I didn’t act on out of some fear or those missed opportunities I didn’t attempt because they led me into an unknown part of my journey. Faith is what we have in total darkness, uncertainty & with our fears remaining, because we accept that what awaits us through it all might just be worth the risk of overcoming doubts, worry, fear & anxiety, bridging all of that for the possibility of what may just be beyond our ability to even see or comprehend right now!