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We Need Room For Joy


There are two common emotional responses to bad experiences which are not advisable ways in which to deal with our pain, grief, anguish, anger, frustration, despair & sadness. First of all, we are not to not feel anything, stuffing the pain away somewhere deep inside the recesses of our souls & spirits, only to deny ourselves a process of healing in the end. Those things always have a way of resurfacing when we haven’t dealt with them. Secondly, we cannot dwell in those negative places once we’ve begun the process of healing for a duration longer than necessary.

Some take years of their lives or worse, their lifetimes, wearing their badges of “honor” which are only badges of injustice in reality for the loss of all their precious years of happiness, contentment, productivity & peace lost when those negative emotions we should only feel for a time have become encampments in which we have chosen to dwell for longer than necessary! We often want to wear our wounds like badges of honor because we feel some need for vindication or wronged by the injustices which we have had to endure, but in truth, the real badge of honor is one of strength & courage when we learn how to overcome our feelings moving beyond that which hurts us, keeping check on our own self-pity & going ahead with our lives as we know we should! We need to feel, to accept what life gives us, but we need to balance good & bad, not letting our negative baggage take such precedence that we no longer have room for joy in our own lives!