Definitive’s In Life

Lately I’ve had some reminders of definitive’s in life, taking delight in watching a young girl discover misters in Phoenix, her pleasure in the feeling of the cool light spray of water as it hit her skin all while she laughed with such sheer joy! On the plane, I watched a small child celebrate the flow of air coming out of the overhead vent as it blew her hair about. The last few days seeing children & adults find their inner youthful exuberance reborn through play in the water, on ziplines, in all sorts of endeavors meant to ignite their sense of exploration, their desire to find joy in tasting life!

I am reminded that life is to be lived to the fullest & I feel sorrow for those who are unable to find simple pleasure in places even common & even the simplest things, for our joy is found within, it comes from a place inside which knows how to be a child at the right times, but also how to connect with that inner spirit of joy at surprising moments within our days! No matter your place, if you are not finding joy in your days, you’re not feeling it first within!