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You Have To Set Boundaries

You have to set boundaries for yourself even in love. It is noble & good to give your love to others, but it is not noble to deny your own needs or to live without receiving a thing or things in return. We should not expect from others, but we have to have mutuality in relationships of all types, giving & receiving from all parties is what keeps the relationship healthy & functional. When one gives without regard to receiving, & the other takes without regard to giving, the imbalance cannot sustain the love even for love’s sake. Eventually there’ll be an eroding of some aspect or aspects of the relationship.

It is always right & good to give especially without condition & expectation, but never do so in complete disregard for your own sake, as then you will surely find that you have erred in setting sufficient & necessary boundaries for how you should be treated! Even Jesus said to wipe the dust from your boots & walk away from the town which doesn’t welcome you & receive you with open arms! You aren’t to give yourself away when you are giving your love away! Give, but also learn how to receive, for it is the healthy prescription for a life of love! Anyone who sees you giving without giving something in return isn’t nurturing you at the same level! Love is meant to be generous, unselfish, unconditional & unexpected, but it is not meant to inflict wounds to your own sense of self-worth in that process!

Healthy relationships shouldn’t make those involved into door mats! Love is mutual respect, trust, faithfulness, empathy & compassion. Learn to love in a way which betters all those with whom the love is shared, yourself included!