You know, tolerance isn’t accepting the same viewpoint as your own, it’s actually respecting & permitting others of differing views to openly hold & express those thoughts & opinions. That is truly tolerance! (For those who have backlashed against some who had the strength & convinction to speak their political minds this week.)

Tolerance, which is so easily preached, is not backlashing against a well-respected & talented performer who does what he believes is right! You may not like what he says or even begin to agree with his political views, but you should respect that he has just as much right to express himself as you do! To be truthful, are we really tolerant when we “diss” him as being drunk just because he speaks in an impromptu manner without a teleprompter?! I’m not even sure I agree with all his beliefs, but I do give him respect for standing up for them, for stating them from his heart & for doing so without caring who the heck cares! Shame on all those who bully the opposing voices all in the name of tolerance! You show your true colors, you don’t impugn anyone but yourself!