A Journey Into Beauty

Whenever I’ve gone on vacations, or visiting new places, I’ve always had the chance to discover the beauty of the scenery, the culture, and the people; in my life, I’ve seen some really beautiful and amazing places!  Recently, after visiting yet another new place, I had the opportunity to learn not only about the culture, the people, as well as to experience the amazing splendor   around me, but I also had a startling   realization about myself!  I’m not just the sum of my exterior parts, which have   come to symbolize beauty in my life, for   me- the woman …  height, weight, hair,   smile, eyes, figure, features- all aligning just right to be photogenic or to appear comely for some majority of people. 

The truth is, whatever I have had on the exterior was always thanks to God’s handiwork, with   some of my own   choices of makeup, hair, and clothing,   with diet and exercise.   Now, as I have also realized, that truth is changing every day.  It’s not so easy to maintain the exterior version of “me” as I’ve come to know   it . . for   I’m changing on the outside  as I age. It’s not easy as we all learn! I wonder how others see me now, as I go through those changes.  I wonder, will I be beautiful in their eyes?    Or will they see me as I wish to be, beautiful from the inside out? We cannot stop the tracks of time from making their obvious way across our physical bodies, it’s inevitable. We are just flesh, each day decaying bits and pieces at a time.    Some struggle with that process, myself included!

When a woman has been told she’s beautiful on a regular   basis, she can come to identify with that observation as her ultimate truth. The real fact which eludes that truth is that physical beauty fades, changes, or is altered often in the blink of an eye … we are suddenly faced with transformations of ourselves which force us to make friends with a new reflection in the mirror, which was once our friend! If only we could find the proverbial fountain of youth!  Perhaps the real secret of youth and beauty isn’t found in some hidden, mysterious source which makes it eternal, but rather in our interior realm of esteem from   the Eternal Source.  Were we to really believe our beauty was not found just in the way we wear our hair, nor in the color of our eyes, nor in some size upon our clothing, then we would truly know our beauty comes from an interior realm of mystery- where   our spirit, our soul, our divine heart intersect in God’s very creation. This is exactly what I witnessed and experienced on my recent travel, beauty exuding from an interior realm!  My recent trip to a lovely island reminded me of interior beauty as the   ideal, as I met the most wonderful and big-hearted people.

I was effusively greeted, warmly received and treated like a goddess!  I felt like a million dollars, even though I was often sun burnt, had hair plastered by the salty sea, and was wearing an assortment of beachy clothing, so as to fit into whatever the situation and event called for.    I was relaxed, at my ease, and felt like a million dollars, even though no one did my makeup professionally, nor my hair, and my wardrobe reflected my satisfaction with a body which now is not the same boney size 2 I once proudly displayed as my ideal. Was this all just a reflection of my setting changing, or perhaps a deeper insight to what life is like when I am comfortable and at my ease?!    Is it possible only when on an island far from home?  No, I think this confidence is the seasoned outlook of someone who realizes that what truly matters in life hasn’t anything to do with the exterior features which make us who we are! It’s lovely to receive compliments and to be known as a beautiful woman, but it’s even more important to be known as a beautiful person on the inside, that’s what always comes through to the outside anyway!  

I’m appreciative for being esteemed and   lauded for beauty during my life,   it’s been gratifying, and I’m thankful to God for all compliments I receive!  Confidence, a sense of healthy esteem, and a desire to be a positive light in the world are the most attractive qualities no matter what the exterior looks like though.  A person who is content with their interior will project that and the exterior light will glow like a galaxy of a zillion stars!    Shining from the inside out is the way to be eternally beautiful, especially as we age, our confidence reflecting the fact that we have matured as spirits as well as maturing on the outside!  Learn to age gracefully   by believing in yourself, nurturing your confidence by being a great human being and letting your inner light shine through your spirit as you interact with others in the world! I am practicing these principles of beauty for myself, aspiring to be a   better person each day, and I’ve gotten to meet so many wonderful people who seem to be using these same secrets   for eternal youth!