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It is in the simplest moments when our lives are truly definable.  We can either find our peace, by finding our joy, our spirit’s contentment, our live’s fulfillment . . .or we can deny ourselves all of this by living as slaves to time, to modern society’s expectations upon our lives, and by forgetting to stop along our daily pathways to just be.

Just by being in our lives, we can heal many holes which can rip us apart.  We are not victims unless we allow ourselves to be defined that way.  We should refute that label and instead gladly wear the title of human being.  It sounds like we are already wearing that title, but most of us, particularly in the USA, have forgotten how to have simple daily moments of nothingness.  Nothingness is good.  It is more than alright to let a day pass with time spent doing nothing but being.  It is called nothingness, but in truth, it is the most productive posture our spirits can assume in life.  Nothingness means that we are able to stop and smell the roses, taking time to look up into the clouds for their most noticeable formations, and to wile away hours not doing a single thing other than just being.

What are the best simple moments you have had?  Mine are always in nature . . . with a few exceptions included.  But for the most part, I enjoy the simple moments when I am looking or being a part of nature’s great array of beauty and variation.  I truly like stopping to smell the roses!  All flowers, animals, clouds, plants, scenes of nature, and anything which inspires my creative soul is like a meditative time when I partake of its view.  If I see a plant in bloom, like a rose bush for instance, I am drawn to it like metal to a magnet.  It is my nature to scan my surroundings no matter where I go to look for nature’s finest source of joyous beauty!  It is my interest which claims my attention!  The only other moments which rival nature’s hold upon my attentions is when I am with my loved ones and friends.  In those times, life can seem to stand still.  It often happens that the hours spent doing what I love with someone I love precludes my ability to notice time at all.  I am lost . . . like time becomes a sea and my life floats by unendingly!                                                      

No matter what motivates you and your spirit when seeking the simplicity of life, I hope you will deem it a worthy endeavor.  Never lose your ability to stop and partake of life . . . living each day surely, but also just being!  Life is a beautiful banquet of experience, stop and enjoy it!  Don’t let life pass you by, it is a priceless gift to stop in your endeavors and notice life happening all around you!  Some of the richest moments we can have will come from the world quietly happening around us.  Have faith, live life simply and with appreciation for all the joy you are finding in the small, quiet moments of life!