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We know these days, the ones which each year stand out and become our most hoped for days!  I’ll call them remarkable, but in truth, all of our days should be remarkable!  For us to not label our days this way, each and every one, we cheat ourselves of our precious time.  We have only what number we were promised when we were designed by our Father.  From our first to our last, we decide how and what becomes our legacy of days.
This day, 10/10/10 is only going to happen once.  We with our mortality, will not know this measured time again.  We will know other special days noted for their curious specialty in time, such as next year’s 11/11/11.  But in truth, yesterday mattered, today is crucial, and tomorrow is our dream hoped for.  We shouldn’t decide that only today is special for the relevance of three numbers lining up so methodically.  It’s more than that . . our days are precious for the fact that each one becomes more valuable as we live the last . . . the minute today passes, tomorrow becomes the only one which matters.  It is the single most significant day that you will have to live.  Live it fully, with intention to see your dreams realized through faith, hope, and perseverance to endure!  

Life is rarely easy any longer, seems we all are suffering and enduring something.  But the most important thing to understand at this critical juncture of time is that we don’t have time to waste!  Life isn’t limitless, infinite and expendable.  We shouldn’t allow ourselves to waste time nor to be so mocking of circumstances, just because we feel compelled to cower down and wait out the storms!  Waiting doesn’t have to mean that we are watching life pass as we lie in fear hoping for new events to prevail.  Decide today that it means the world to you!  

Today, the only day you know for sure you are promised, it’s remarkable for that very reason!!