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When the heart isn’t into something, it shows! When was the last time you slogged through the day, bereft of any joy and contentment because you had to do something you didn’t want to do or be somewhere you didn’t want to be? Perhaps the last time was yesterday or even earlier today. Perhaps it seems like all the time now!   c0dc4a24f9217c7a154769742cd8b19d

It’s our challenge to not let days, then weeks and entire lifetimes go by with such attitudes. Our heart is the source of our passion. An idea, a belief or a dream may seed first in our thoughts, but the birthplace of our inspiration and our instigation for achieving things is always in our hearts! We don’t get inspired by logical processes or plans laid out methodically in our brains. We get inspired by a light in our soul burning brightly and constantly in our hearts once we begin to nurture that seed. It is what fuels our energy to overcome the doldrums and the blues we may feel as we pursue our dreams and live our lives. If we fail to stoke the fire, the very furnace of our soul’s energy, we will become nothing more than the walking dead. And so it matters to put your heart into most everything you do and to take that enthusiasm and passion with you most everywhere you go!  dis

If you shut out the very source of your passion from your life by focusing on the negative of it all, you are choosing to shut out the ultimate source of your happiness and contentment! Yes it is difficult to carry your passions afire, to keep your heart in things which don’t seem to really be all that exciting or enjoyable. Many things in life just aren’t all that enjoyable or exciting. Our daily lives are filled with things which fall under the classification of boring, dull, monotonous and downright objectionable as a result of their routine nature. But onward we must go and through it all we must persist. If it is all leading us to a destination which promises something much greater, bigger, more rewarding and more pleasurable, then why wouldn’t we? All too often we let the endeavor dictate to us our level of enthusiasm and passion. But we should be taking our enthusiasm and passion with us into our endeavors at a level which honors our hope for the result! Discipline is the price we are willing to pay now for the reward which is coming later! And with our hearts afire, our passions burning, our inspiration keenly focused on some point ahead, we can with discipline and determination choose to make even the most tedious, boring, routine and objectionable parts of life matter!  Signature02