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The world around us can never be “hopeless” as long as there is even just one soul acting with love and compassion towards the rest. Imagine if and when we all just decide to be loving, compassionate and respectful regardless what we experience or see nearby? Imagine if we all just kept our composure when confronted by anger or hostility; if we remained calm when goaded and pushed to our limits? Surely it is hard to imagine doing when we are facing what we perceive as ignorance, rudeness or contemptible behavior; but our reactions are up to us! We can keep the peace, carry on and give up the need to join in the fray and the melee when we witness bad behavior and ill-will in others. Good prevails over all the rest of the ugliness because the seeds of love, compassion and kindness we plant are always more enduring than the unwanted weed-seeds of evil, hate, animosity and derision.      477f19970845716de019ab225ffd4a56


It’s so easy to see the actions of a few in our life’s garden and think they represent the hearts of many. They may even grow to the point of seemingly overshadowing or choking out the rest of what was first seeded there. But how it is seeded is how it then grows! A seed for one thing will not grow to be another thing entirely. With just enough time, energy, effort and nurturing, you can make any garden reflect what it was meant to. 


The many hearts of the loving, good, gentle, compassionate and kind, acting and behaving that way, shouldn’t and won’t be rendered silent in lieu of the few. Those hearts, filled with love, kindness, goodness and compassion, should always insist and persist in sowing those seeds abundantly into life . . after all, a rose is always a rose regardless what grows up around it! And with more roses and other such desirable words, actions and behaviors seeded, nurtured and grown to fruition – how could life’s garden be anything but more beautiful and hopeful?!   Signature02