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Oh for the bother of tunnel vision, which often makes us see the minutia and the minute, rather than all the rest! For the tree in our path, we overlook the forest; missing moments, opportunities, blessings and joy. We place blinders over our own soul’s eyes, in essence negating our own ability to notice how much more we are blessed; instead choosing to heighten one horrendous negative to the point of giving it top billing over every other experience, blessing or joy we’ve felt.

imagesblinders Perhaps it’s because we get more sympathy for our pains; perhaps it is because we have made it our badge of honor for having overcome it. And that’s not to say we shouldn’t truly feel hurt, loss or pain when we experience it, we should! It is the only way to heal. But many forget to heal and let the emotions of one heartbreak, one horrific loss, one failing or one mistake conquer them for all time. We often focus on that one event in life which hurts us, one moment when things didn’t go our way; we define ourselves by one failing which truly must make us failures for all time! And in doing so, we then lose sight of how much more we have felt, accomplished, experienced, or received; before, during and after!

imagesblinders2 Life isn’t just that one moment in a dark tunnel or one situation leaving its permanent scar. It is a whole total entirety of experiences, achievements, failings, losses, glory, sadness, pain, joy, happiness, hurt, feelings, emotions, and dreams yet to be reached! Don’t let your life be forever defined by one moment, one event, one situation, one feeling, one emotion, one hurt or one failure! You are more than that. There is so much more behind you to recall, so much more to live today, and so much more yet to come! Signature02