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There was a touch of the brilliant color this morning in the sunrise which dominated last night’s amazing sunset here in the sky over Phoenix; a reminder of how much noticeable beauty exists in our world and in nature all around us. People often grow accustomed to missing beauty in the world around them, not because it is absent; but because they have turned their focus onto that which is opposite! (For a time or for life.) When we turn our focus to what it is we wish to see, assured we will see it in something, we will!   18228_468693166507348_877896573_n

So when I look at a rundown building, I don’t see the decay or the destruction and view it as ugliness. I see the history, I imagine the people who built it and their purpose. I look for the details which remain and notice the intricacy of metals, concrete, even in the paint under any graffiti! My eyes are used to my soul’s direction – to look for beauty, as it is surely there!  Beauty is the intrinsic reflection of something within the beholder, not something assured within what is beheld.

Possibly some drove through last night’s sunset without even paying it heed. Their eyes, mind, heart and soul had been closed to noticing such splendor because they had a bad day or perhaps they’re trapped in a negative period in life. So imagine how hard it would have been for them to proclaim other beauty all around them easily and readily beyond something so obvious and overt as last night’s sunset?  557832_495233400490260_2141051591_n

We have to give ourselves the gift of experiencing beauty, through our senses, with our hearts and in our minds. For the universe our Creator made is rich with beauty; in objects, in nature, in experiences and in other souls! It is in us as well! Look today for all the ways in which you see beauty and take the time to appreciate those beautiful gifts from God! Beauty opens the mind to what is positive and affirming in life. The riches of beauty we take notice of in life all around us help to soften our hearts; as reminders of how much is right with this world and with life itself! Failing to notice routinely strips the soul of much which brings joy, peace and contentment to the heart and mind!   acceptance 5

A soul determined to behold beauty will always see it regardless the imperfect state of things, or the location, or the object even! And when we accept beauty as readily as that, we tend to respect more of life around us for beauty’s sake; tending and caring for that which we know to be beautiful. Signature02