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So thankful this Saturday for all those in my past . . the easy cartoon-filled mornings of my youth; prior to my parents getting us busy with our outside chores or our family errands and adventures. So blissful in recollection of days spent sweeping, pulling weeds, cleaning house, building our forts, chasing our dreams or perhaps just chasing rainbows. I’m thankful for trips to the public library to get some books to read, for trips to the grocery, for road trips and weekend outings to the lakes and parks. I’m thankful for a father who worked hard all week; but never failed to spend time with his family, as he truly made it a priority. I believe he even enjoyed it, as it was never a difficult decision for him! I’m thankful for family that played board games, that made laughter as much a priority as love.  original_thank-you-heart-gift-card

I don’t remember perfect days without turmoil, without a fair share of grief or malady; but I do remember plenty of reasons upon looking back in which to be grateful in plentitude! I had a wonderful childhood! I was loved, looked after, had a roof over my head, clothing and food to eat. I had toys with which to play, parents whom knew the value of education not only in school; but also in the aspects of life which made us good citizens of this country and of humanity. I was taught to love God and that God loves me. 246170384_5PTKhJj9_c

I truly ache for those who are born into anything less than love, as I believe compassion and caring is born first of love. And all love first comes to the human heart through the Spirit which lights the flame of it within. So thankful this Saturday looking back on all of those which brought me to this one! Today, I’m not starting with cartoons; but after breakfast, I am spending time with two people who are family to me, loved and treasured in their years of wisdom for their part in my life. What more could I ask?! I have a roof over my head, food to eat, clothing to wear, shoes on my feet as well as a heart that is full of love! And more than ever, I know God loves me and I love Him!   Signature02