how-to-adapt-to-change2-25Change, it is coming. I’m enjoying this turnabout for August, as normally I might develop a “dog-days of summer” feeling right about now. Instead of that sense of wearing down and fatigue brought on by the sameness of sunshine and heat, I get to have some weather changing it up and bringing clouds to our insistently sunny skies. Change is good, it keeps us from the sense of prolonged sameness and staleness. Sometimes we dread change, but it is only with change that we experience relief from our states of constancy. And those states of routine and regularity are what drain us of our real power to face challenges, to develop new muscles and to grow stronger. Like the waves in the ocean, our power to face life comes upon those continual waves of uncertain life change – in circumstance, in situation, in ability, in temperament and in our challenges. Waves of change are the signals which to us mean we should grow, learn, develop and even confront. Change comes on waves of uncertainty with all its newness and potential for growth. To remain forever stagnant in the calmness of an unchallenging life or in familiar states of certainty is to lock oneself in places of total safety and limited growth for the sake of fear, intimidation or love of ease. We’re not here to be unchallenged or always at our ease . . we’re here to grow more masterful of this life by living it, changes and all! I’m learning to relish changes; as without them, I would always be the same and so would my life.
It may only seem a change in weather, or ahead – a change of season; but change in any regard is the constant set of breaking waves upon which we must face life willingly and ably! Don’t hide from change, fear it or dread it; for even if change represents loss or pain, it will enable something new to come your way or crewaves-50ate some impetus for growth within you. And that is the purpose of life . . renewal, variation and a purposeful choice we make to live it at the front where everything is most uncertain – where the waves are breaking! It’s okay to sit some waves out as they surely do become like tsunamis which upturn everything; but it’s not okay to sit out every wave in life which brings with it change and uncertainty just because we feel fearful or intimidated by all it represents, or because we’re just more comfortable in the stagnant waters. Learn to accept that all of life is one wave of change breaking after another – varying in size, attitude and risk. Learn to believe yourself a very-able surfer, who accepts each wave and every ride you are given as opportunities for change without first knowing the outcome!