UnexpectedGodEvery time some unexpected “weed” sprouts up anyplace in my yard, I leave it until I can evaluate what it is. I have learned that nature often rewards me in unexpected ways via the birds carrying seed or perhaps thanks to the wind, but no matter how, I might find a delight bursting forth which was unplanned yet welcome.

That is life in general, a sequence of the unplanned which interrupts the planned, which causes us to constantly evaluate our course, our situation, our surroundings and our reactions. We have to accept the unexpected with that which we dutifully plan as that is the essence of life – it is about the unexpected twists and turns which cause us to alter and to shift in much the same ways as water fluidly moves.

Some of the best blessings in life are unplanned! Some of my favorite gifts in the garden have been those unintentional ones too: the Bottle tree, the Chinese Elm, the Dahlberg daisies strewn about, the occasional wildflower, the Creosote bush, the numerous Mexican Evening Primrose, the Palm seedlings, the Saguaro and some other cacti, the Mexican Birds of Paradise, a Desert Willow, a Life-takes-you-to-unexpected-places-and-you-meet-50pine tree and some Justicia plants nearby the parent. The list is endless . . for the nature of all of life is to be fruitful and multiply.

All organic matter in the garden wants to live, to persist and to multiply, so I take watch of those things which sprout freely in my yard, counting them as blessings I get to have for free! A gardener is conditioned to expect the unexpected in the process of gardening, as all of life is uncontrollable and sporadic by nature! Learn to appreciate those things which are unexpected in life and to not resent the surprise in them, for often times they hold just as much benefit as do those things in which we endeavor to make happen through our planning and careful steps. Life is most definitely a journey into the unexpected, so we should be prepared to face it at every turn!