Perfect peace . . I cannperfect-peace-pp-25ot define that for you, but for me, it would be a moment in the early morning hours, before the sun fully arises, spent listening to the sounds of nature. It isn’t quiet, it isn’t still, but there is a peace within all the busy-ness of nature which soothes and relaxes me. I don’t find that as easily within the busy-ness of humanity – tires screeching, engines racing, people chattering, horns and bells and whistles and phones ringing! All of that belies soothing, peaceful, contentment. I find it so easily in nature though. In countless birds singing “Good morning, world!” in whatever tone and manner suits them. It’s evident in the morning fly-over of the geese honking on their way to another landing spot. I hear it in the silent stillness of the air not yet rancorous with air or ground traffic noises. It clearly sounds like the water continuously spilling over itself in the fountain, just to turn right around to do it all over again and again. It is in the peacefulness of this relative nothingness in which I gladly surrender again today, as to find CherylImpress50such silence in the earliest hours of the day is my true special pleasure. It is rarely found ever again later in the day. In these moments, there is an ease of prayer, of praise, of being grateful and in being hopeful as well. All is right with my world starting my day in such perfect peace. I breathe in the fresh morning air, breathing out, “ahhhhh” and Amen! I encourage you all to find such a moment throughout your day whereby you can regularly find your perfect peace, or make one!