You must see yourself as the writer of the story of your life, or you will always feel reactive & out of control. When things happen to you, it isn’t in just the reaction where you leave your mark, it’s in the responding effort you make to your own reaction whereby you set the tone for all of your life! Surely we all experience sadness, but when some people suffer extraordinary & random sadness, they rise hig…her & build themselves up stronger upon their initial emotional reaction. They don’t allow the moments of sadness to become their trademark for life! The same can be said for any moments of  anger, fear, uncertainty, bitterness or hurt! The one thing which is in your control in this life are your emotional reactions & your responses to everything.
Your story will be the sum of all that you endured in life, but it doesn’t have to be stuck on just one event which you allowed to change you in a negative way! It’s your story! How would you write it & why? And why would you allow one trauma to define you as the lead character in any way but a positive one?! You have so much control which you negate by circumstance & cede to situations. You give away so much of yourself & your own personal freedom to those things over which you have no control in life when you allow your own emotions to steal precious time from you & wreck your life. It is inevitable, we all will experience pain, grief, loss & great trauma. That goes without DeepestFear-200saying. It is part of being human. But we tend to forget the key to overcoming these situations is also within us! We are much stronger than we even know or give ourselves credit for! Don’t allow emotions of one moment to make your life’s story a negative read. Find a way to take the very worst of times & turn them into what makes you more faithful, better, stronger & more compassionate! Manage your life into a life which seems well-managed – one which exemplifies love, contentment & personal growth! That is your primary job!_Sign01