CanNot2Cans-50The confines of our world say, “You can do this, but not this.” Do what you feel you are called to do regardless the messages you may perceive & those you actually may receive! You are a one-of-a-kind creation, formed by God for your own life & pathway. If you allow others to define you, direct you or perhaps inadvertently destroy your dreams by inflicting their own limitations about life upon them, then your life will never be as full as it was meant to be!


Believing in oneself is paramount to reaching for the stars! If you let anyone tell you otherwise, you have already confined yourself to remaining on the ground in lesser pursuits. Dreams are the seeds of God’s possibilities & hopes born in you. Don’t you dare let them die there! You are called to go after them like you know they were meant for you! Light yourself on fire with the faith, hope & confidence that you will achieve the dream God established there within your soul! I can assure you, no dream first started in you by our Master Craftsman will ever fail unless & until you let it fail & then die.


He may ask you to work for it, often quite hard, but He will never give up on it, & so neither should you! Recognize what lives within your heart & go for it like you are retrieving an actual part of you which was misplaced! If you let others, or a few bumps in life, take from you your journey to the stars, then you will suffer! Now, suit up & set your course for the galaxy waiting! Believe in yourself, your dreams & your own power to achieve whatever God has called you to be & to do . . . no limits!_Sign01