Make ItAmazing-50It’s not the day that makes you, but what you make of the day! If you haven’t yet noticed, some people take those 24 hours & make a grand production, busily creating, solving, attempting & doing as much as they’re able to make their dreams come to fruition. They are endeavoring to solve their own problems & those of others, to help create solutions, to channel their energies into being better human beings. Somehow they see the period of a day & direct their focus into making it count! It’s a habit, an intention, a plan with purpose! We can all do exactly that if we shift our focus from weighing ourselves down in fear, worry & remorse, or worse – idleness! We can all make our days truly memorable, truly significant & ones which we’ll count among our best if we set about each new morning to be & to do just that!
Having restful days are not bad, but having a slew of idle days which get you no further to your goals & dreams will become in hindsight a great regret! Carpe diem . . seize the day & let it fuel your passion for something you desire! Ignite in you the sense that time is finite & watch how your focus suddenly changes from wanting to worry, fret, fear, & idle away so many hours or lollygag in the restless pursuit of nothingness! Your lifetime is most definitely finite! What is it that turns your switch, ignites your inner fire & sets your passions to light?? Think of those things as you start to “plan” your day . . where in your day do those things fit? If you aren’t heading towards something which matters, you might not make this day count, & that my friends is a loss of a finite resource of infinite value!_Sign01