The age-old adage states, “what you see is what you get”, which is mostly true, but even better is this, “Trust develops only in the time it takes to verify what you think you know of someone by witnessing their words & beliefs resonate through their actions!”  We do ourselves a great disservice when we speak falsely without intending to follow up through our actions, talking about who we are but …then failing to back it up. 
People should first live by their own words in regard to who they are, how they wish to be known by what they wish to impart of themselves to others they meet. Being less through your actions than stated in your words causes others to become confused about who you really are, for they are watching for you to live as you’ve professed. Put meaning in your words by acting in accordance to them! That is what most others expect from you & that is what your own character demands of you. Anything less is flaky, dishonorable or disreputable. And in turn, what you have then projected in lack of character & meaning to others will come to rest in you.
Self-integrity is the concept of living to our self-defined character, so that when we state who we are with clarity for ourselves, others may know us by our words, our actions & our beliefs. We cannot speak idly often, failing to follow through with our actions repeatedly, without damaging our character in the eyes of others, but also significantly impairing our own integrity in the process! We are truly who we say we are by what we then will do & how we then will be. Be real, be forthright, for that is what others are hoping to find in relationship with you.  When first meeting you, people are drawn to you for reasons you initially present to them through introductory words & sensations about who you are. They then expect to find the words were not invalid, but that your words were clear in defining who you are to them. Being truthful about who you are, what you want & what you expect from others first takes being truthful with your own self in that regard! It cannot be said how very important it is to live by your word with integrity & character, for it does matter greatly to others, but more importantly to yourself!_Sign01