In the quest for one trait which would serve me better than others, I would ask for patience, in far greater measure than I have it, nor know it now!  I am a “work in progress” when it comes to patience . . always seeking more, always hoping I will strengthen that “gene”.

When it comes to me growing older, my most depleted characteristic, which plummets in direct relationship to the escalation of my age, is my patience.  I don’t know as if this can be scientifically proven, but I believe, in my own theory, my impatience is related to the sense of entitlement some of us start to feel with age!  In other words, I’ve waited so long for things in life, that to wait any longer, at this age, is torment! 

How do I learn to improve my level of patience or supplement it somehow?  Or perhaps I need to temper my impatience for life’s situations, which obviously have an impact upon my ability to be patient, thus sensoring my own reactions?  Which sounds more plausible at this age?  Possibly neither!  I’m here to tell you, I want it all and I want it all now!

Does this sound like you?  I’ve a feeling it is a familiar chime from many these days.  We are afterall, a “gotta have it now society” . . . we don’t want to wait.  Couple that with tough economic times, a few personal mishaps and a crisis or two, and then add that to our instantaneous world, where we are encouraged by marketers and media to have what we want and never wait.  It’s serving no good for mankind in general that we are packaging all of life with this desire to have things five minutes ago.  Somewhere we’ve forgotten that we once waited eagerly weeks for snail-mail, sat by the telephone for the line to clear to speak to our dears, and had to be put on waiting lists for things we desired instead of standing in line or just ordering it online, or even finding so much available in our neighborhood stores!
Anyway, here’s my plan now, I am impatient, there’s no immediate cure . . and in this moment, I’ve something else to do, so I must finish this for now and seek my peace through other endeavors!  🙂