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If you want to have a big life, you have to make big plans, design your own big dreams and dream bigger dreams than people think are possible achieving!  Life isn’t a trial and error process, it’s in the execution of purposeful living.  If you persist that it is only filled with obstacles and occlusions, then guess what?  That’s what you’ll encounter each and every step of the way!  When you see the inability to achieve something easily as a minor inconvenience which forces you to amend your journey for the better, then you will already be miles ahead of where you would have been before!  Live with purpose, with an insistence that even bumps in the road will serve to take you to a better place in the roadway.  Don’t just be a reactionary, waiting to follow the ups and downs of life, instead, be a leader of your own life by purposefully pursuing dreams and goals!

The hardest thing to give up on is a dream.  Why should we then?  The short answer, we never should, not if we truly desire that which we’ve dreamt!  Well some of us give up on them when we get frustrated from too much time ticking off life’s clock, or too much pressure from our family or friends convinces us we are not worthy or able to achieve a dream. Sometimes dreams seem so impossible when we are sitting in our current position, maybe we’ve been beaten down and have so much trepidation about ever reaching the stars!  If you don’t aim for the outermost limits of the space around you, then you will never know how far you are capable of going!  

Never letting a dream die is the best advice to give a friend who is struggling these days, no matter how they perceive their future.  If they truly aspire to achieve something, no matter how seemingly big nor small, then they should never give up on the accomplishment of that dream! Never let yourself be let down by life.  We may not see the timing as being favorable to our schedule, but it may be just the timing to allow us to accomplish the best, the most and the greatest! We need to know life is still hopeful and encouraging . . . we need to believe in our ideas, our concepts, our beliefs, our aspirations.  We need to know life is ours for the making!