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As long as we have evil revealed through infertile thoughts, words and deeds of men, we will need to find our comfort and our rest in God’s abundant, verdant pastures. – Cheryl Ries, September 9, 2010

We are fast approaching an another anniversary of September 11th, a most notorious day for realizing in modern terms the extent of man’s hatred. It is based on a centuries-old tradition of religious intolerance.  We’ve seen it played out all too often throughout the history of civilization. As long as human beings have existed, an animosity for someone who believes something slightly different or in great measure differently than another.  

I wish it were simple to believe that a wave of love could ease and one day heal this rift between people, ending this inhumanity, this barbaric and most ungodly desire to slaughter one another, often in the name of a god.  My God is a God of love, therefore, there is no reason to believe He could or would condone it, this murderous desire to be all one religion, one category, one race, one nationality, one of anything . . . I believe He created the world, with many of everything, because He enjoys diversity.  He is offended by our foolish desire to fight and squander our lives, our resources, our eternities upon this mistaken notion of overcoming, besting and beating into submission for His sake.  Who is at fault originally no longer matters, but to find a place of peace between people, a way to share the world’s plenty without someone always thinking with greed towards overthrow and overpowering others is the question which has haunted Him surely since even the days of Cain and Abel.  But, since He knows our days even before we are born, does He wait expectantly upon the braver better people He knows we can be, having given us the freedom of choice, to make a different choice?  I think so.  I think He waits for us, one by one, to rise above the imperfections which can take us back towards the pulls of evil, the fleshy things which don’t give us what only He can, eternal life in a place so perfect, we cannot even hope to find anything worth murdering, stealing, slaughtering, nor decimating here on this earth.   If one by one we rise to the occasion, we will soon be an army of good marching over the land instead of always good fighting bad, evil seeking to conquer His rule.  Fight for what you believe, now more than ever!  If you have God in your life, stand up and be the Godly person you were meant to be, shine that light and shine it brightly for all to see, and maybe your light will be a beacon to someone who stands upon a precipice wavering against temptation.  

God bless us all this September 11th, all around the world.  May we know a continued sense of His abiding hand of loving rule, not the kind that beats, nor tortures, but that which nurtures all creation.